Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Coffee Pots

My husband is a self professed coffee nut, so we are constantly trying out different coffee beans and brewing techniques. We have tried out more coffee pots than I would have ever imagined I would go through in a lifetime, much less within a few years. Everything from French Presses, espresso and cappuccino machines, to regular standard brew coffee pots have graced our countertops and I think we have finally found one that meets our needs.
I personally like cappuccinos, but my husband thinks they are too frilly for him because he is a standard black coffee drinker. Even though he began his coffee drinking journey by drinking mochas, since starting medical school and then residency, he now thinks that only girls drink those. His favorite brewing technique is a French Press because of the strength of the coffee both for the flavor and the caffeine content. However, cleaning the press thoroughly after each use became quite cumbersome and I wasn’t going to clean it for him. Also, the coffee did not stay warm very long which wasn’t very good for those weekend mornings where you wanted to enjoy more than one cup on the way out the door.
We have also tried the grinder and brewer combination coffee pots since my husband is insistent on grinding his own coffee right before brewing. These pots worked well, but his was not always satisfied with how the coffee pots ground the beans because there was not much choice in the matter. Stand alone grinders allow many options for how fine the beans are ground, but the combination pots have less variation which did not suit what he wanted. Overall they were a good choice and convenient, but the bean grinding and again the warmth after an hour were not exactly what he was looking for.
So, after all of our trials and searching we have settled on a solution that seems perfect for our needs. We have a stand alone coffee bean grinder that has about twelve bean settings, and after a week or so my husband found his perfect setting and it hasn’t moved from that position since. We then purchased a coffee pot that has a thermal carafe instead of a burner and a glass pot. This way, we can enjoy our warm coffee for up to about four hours while it is still warm and doesn’t taste burnt. I just add some flavored creamer to mine and we are all happy!