Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Can You Use An Electric Cigarette To Smoke Weed

The electronic cigarette is a relatively new technology ofttimes referred to as an e-cigarette, vapor cig, vapor smoke, or only e-cig . This battery operated cigarette is an amazing device, designed to replicate the effects of smoking both in design and purpose. By its look alone, most passers-by would not notice between the e–cigarette and a Tar tobacco cigarette. The electronic cigarette has surpassed the expectations of even long-term smokers and over 30,000 people change per week.

The big question being asked these days is if the electronic cigarette can be used in order to smoke weed like a traditional cigarette:

The move to this question is “No – but yes”. The electronic cigarette uses elements that are very different – and there is no actual smoke or fire so you cant burn weed, So can burn oil but what seems to be the future of vapor cigs and weed is the thc formular that people can buy for there vapor cig, its said to be a very strong hit, and is being tested and used in medicine .

Weed has been vapozied for a while now just recently its moving to the ecig..

I got a vapor cig from teh vapor experience its the best thing i got this year in fact i have 2 of them got the kit.I love em