Friday, October 20, 2006

AOL Broadband Internet

In my household, using the Internet has always been viewed as a luxury rather than a necessity. I have a hard enough time making ends meet every month without having to pay an outrageous amount of money just so my kids can surf the web. We've always had to make do with a dial-up connection, because those plans are obviously the cheapest. It never affected us much before because we were just surfing for fun anyway. But now that my oldest son is starting high school, having access to the net at home is required for many of his homework assignments. Dial-up isn't sufficient anymore, so I've been checking out AOL broadband Internet.
I first heard about AOL broadband Internet from a friend of mine. She has been a loyal America Online customer for nearly a decade, and constantly raves about how fast and reliable her AOL broadband Internet connection is. I know that it's not always a good idea to base purchasing decisions just on what your friends say, but I was willing to make an exception in this case. You see, this friend runs online businesses from her home, so she's connected practically all day long. So when she said that AOL broadband Internet was the best, I figured I could take her word for it.
Even so, that didn't stop me from shopping around and comparing AOL broadband Internet with other ISPs. I researched the leading companies and found that America Online was very competitive in terms of price and features offered. In fact, the more I looked into high-speed ISPs, the more I liked what I saw from AOL broadband Internet. The only thing left for me to do was find a great introductory package so that I could save money when signing up for AOL broadband Internet.
I called up a customer service phone number that I found for America Online and asked about the best deal they could offer me as a new AOL broadband Internet service customer. I was actually given a couple of different deals to choose from. One involved a certain number of months of free service without a long-term commitment, and the other involved getting a very attractive monthly rate if I did go ahead with a long-term contract. I opted for the former just in case there turned out to be a problem with my AOL broadband Internet. Plus, I could always switch later if I wanted to.
My family has been using AOL broadband Internet for a couple of weeks now and we couldn't be happier! I never realized how much of a valuable tool the web could be until my son started using it to help get his homework assignments done. I'm really glad I decided to get AOL broadband Internet for my family.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Bottle Of Water

It is amazing to me how the bottled water industry has exploded in our country. It seems that every where you look someone is carrying a bottle of water. Until recently I did not think too much about this craze, until my daughter’s volleyball team had a health crisis.
My daughter has been involved in some type of organized sport since she was six years old. She is now sixteen and is a great team player and quite skilled in volleyball. She has a great personality so even though she is only a sophomore she was picked as co-captain on the team. I go to all of the home games and to as many of the away games as possible. A few weeks ago they were playing against a school about thirty five miles away from the town we live in. I stopped at home and changed clothes after work and picked up my son and drove to my husband’s office to pick him up. At the last minute I grabbed a case of water from the refrigerator in our garage. I had my son open the case and hand me a bottle of water as I was driving. When we picked up my husband he also wanted a bottle of water. He asked why I had brought a case along. I explained that some of the girls may ride back with us and they would be thirsty.
When we arrived at the game my daughter waved to us in the stands. She came over and asked if she could have a drink out of my bottle of water. She said that they only had the squirt bottles of water on the side lines and she did not like sharing with others. She also said that a group was going out for pizza after the game so they would not ride home with us. I had my son go out to the car and bring in the case of water. Several of the girls had a bottle of water and the rest said that they would use the squirt bottles. The girls won the game and we went home.
About three days later my daughter called me from school crying. Several girls from the volleyball team were very sick from meningitis. One of the girls was in the hospital for two days and the others were coming down with symptoms. They feel that the one girl spread it to the other girls through the bottle of water. They are supposed to squirt water into their mouths, but they are not always careful.
A week later the girl that had first contracted the meningitis died. The other girls are getting better, but they are all so sad and shocked that their beautiful young friend is gone. I am so thankful that my daughter did not drink out of the squirt bottles and that I had brought the case of water along. I think that having the bottle of water along saved others on the team from getting sick.

Building Muscle

Our bodies are like works of art. Hey, who said that anyway? Apparently they didn't catch an eye-full of some folks out there. No offense, but that whole "the body is a temple" spiel has definitely slipped the minds of many. Just take a gander at our American public. Okay, this is the point where oodles of overweight and/or out-of-shape people become furious and outraged. Well, too bad! If you're ticked off, then it probably applies to you. Don't get me wrong, because I'm not here to poke fun at your physique or body weight. I simply want you to stop and think about your current condition. Are you healthy? Are you looking the way you want to look? If your answer is a resounding NO, then I suggest you make some changes. No has to answer for your body, but yourself. You're in charge of what goes in it if you're an adult. I say it's time to exercise and start building muscle. Drop that fat like it's yesterday's stale doughnut. You don't need it, nor do I think you want it. It's time to get serious about your health. Your life literally depends on it.
We always try and eat healthy in my house. My wife and I encourage one another to eat mostly good foods and low fat meals. We also push each other to exercise five days a week. Our children get in on it naturally because it's what they see. This is great. There's nothing more depressing for me than seeing an overweight 7 year old getting picked up at school by his two overweight parents. I see this on a regular basis and wonder why in the heck the parents are doing that to their child. It's utterly sad. They pass on their nasty eating habits and have the kid overweight before he/she even hits middle school. That is not good parenting. If you love your child and life in general, you will not do this. Work with your family and drive them to get in great shape. Ditch the body fat and start building muscle. This is the difference between folks who are really in shape and those who are not. Sure I see folks all the time that simply look 20 pounds overweight. However, the truth lies in their body fat. How high is it? Are you in the danger zone? Adopt a wonderful cardio workout so you too can shed fat and begin building muscle. If your weight is muscle, then you have no worries about what weight you're at. It's healthy.
You want to know more about building muscle and getting trim in order to live long and be healthy? That's easy! Get on your personal computer and take advantage of cyberspace. The Internet is the key to free workout regimes and routes to building muscle.

Bucilla Christmas Stocking

Sometimes the best gift you can give to your child is one that you create by hand. You can create a beautiful Bucilla Christmas stocking that is sure to be a wonderful keepsake for your child. This hand crafted holiday decoration can be made from any number of patterns and designs offered by the Bucilla Company.
The Bucilla Christmas stocking is not your grandmother’s craft project. This item comes in an array of styles and many of these designs are really modern. The patterns seem to merge traditional holiday themes with a peppering of modern amenities that are sure to please children as well as adults.
I find the patterns to be wonderful to work with. I love arts and crafts but I do shy away from any kind of project that requires sewing. During the holiday season I always try to find a project that I can complete by hand. The Bucilla Christmas stocking is the perfect craft for me. The sewing is simple and the project is a great way for me to find my way around stitches.
I decided to order a felt appliqué kit from the company this year and I am thrilled with the product. The Bucilla Christmas stocking comes with instructions that are so easy to follow that I think that any novice sewer would be comfortable working with the craft. The step-by-step process is more than easy to complete and I almost didn’t want the project to end so quickly.
Inside the Bucilla Christmas felt appliqué kit you will find everything you need to complete your holiday craft. The felts are pre-stamped with adorable designs and you have plenty of embellishments like sequins and beads. The Bucilla Christmas stocking even comes with beautiful gold plated needles to make the sewing a little more elegant.
What I love about the kit aside from the adorable patterns and ease of use is the modern amenities that go with the Bucilla Christmas stocking felt appliqué kit. You can choose a pattern with a holiday tree that really lights up. There are a number of stockings that play music, too.
Many of the patterns are really old-fashioned. The Woodland Santa Bucilla Christmas stocking seems as if it were created over a century ago. The design is magnificently aged but the item is brand new. This is my favorite design of them all.
The great thing about this particular piece is that it is musical as well as attractive. It is a prime example of how the Bucilla Christmas stocking merges the old with the new.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Open Source Content Management System

Full Feature list
HotcakesCMS is constantly being upgraded and fresh builds are available at least once a week. I'm looking forward to hearing from people as to new features they would like added.
Layout and editing features
Simple clean website layouts to advanced drop down menus for quick navigation.
Easy page editing tool.
Automatic contact form (switched on or off).
Menu navigation manager -simple way to setup your pages and menus.
Any combination of colours for background, fonts, menus and every other aspect of your website.
Manage fonts used.
Custom layout selection (e.g. Side menus, or drop downs or top menu bar).
“Intelligent” layout tool to manage website features.
Multiple list and product layouts.
E-commerce features

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Open Source Content Management System

Addams Family

Addams Family
Charles Addams created a cartoon for the New Yorker, which ran in the 1930s and was very popular. He didn't know that it would be adapted for a TV series, three movies and two animated series. His creation was The Addams Family, an eccentric bunch of macabre looking freaks. Despite their appearance, they were a generous, kind family and devoted to each other. They were blissfully unaware that their strange behavior caused terror and bewilderment amongst the neighbors. The ordinary world around them however, seemed bizarre to their freak sensibilities.
The characters are probably best known through the television series of the 1960s, which has been repeated ever since its original run. The producers had the clever idea of presenting them as if they were a family in a typical suburban sitcom, with familiar sitcom storylines. The only difference was that the Addams Family was anything but typical. They lived in a Gothic pile with some very strange artifacts. The head of the household was Gomez Addams, a dapper man with a neat moustache and pinstripe suit. Gomez was independently wealthy, which was fortunate as he failed at his chosen profession of law. His wife Morticia was a stunning vamp of a woman, given to wearing long, black, evening gowns.
The couple had a son, named Pugsley and a daughter named Wednesday. Pugsley looked like a miniature Dracula and Wednesday kept pet spiders. Other eccentric Addams Family relatives were Uncle Fester and Grandmamma. Gomez also had a cousin, called Cousin Itt, who would visit from time to time. He was completely covered in hair. The two servants were strange too and added a lot of humor to the show. Lurch was the loyal, lanky butler, who had superhuman strength and gave surprisingly good recitals on the harpsichord. The other servant, known affectionately as Thing, performed menial tasks around the house. Thing was in fact, a disembodied hand.
The TV show was successfully turned into a movie, with two sequels that weren't as good as the first one. The new actors kept the spirit of the original characters and a younger generation was turned onto the Addams Family. There was a nice message attached to the lighthearted, ghoulish stories. The characters reinforced the idea that it's ok to be different and you shouldn't judge by appearances. In their strange, weird way, they had family values. They also lived in a really cool house.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Digital Printing Services

Nipson Digital Printing Systems PLC said it expects the recovery in its business it to accelerate in the second half of 2006, after it posted losses in the first half to June 30. The company posted a pretax loss on ordinary activities of 1.115 mln stg for the first half compared with a profit of 88,000 stg a year earlier and an operating loss of 871,000 stg compared with a profit of 146,000.

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