Thursday, February 10, 2011

Electric Cigarettes Charlotte

The electronic cigarette industry has been on fire recently in the United States. Celebrities, political figures, and even our very own president cannot escape what some are calling E-Cig fever. Recently you cannot turn on a television without seeing something about this ingenious device created to give consumers who love to smoke a alternative method of smoking without all the negative effects that comes along with smoking traditional tobacco products.

First and most recent example would be from “The Late Show” with David Letterman, where a guest appearance from Katherine Heigl sparked a interesting conversation about electronic cigarettes and how they typically work and the benefits behind them. Katherine went on the show smoking a Pitbull electronic cigarette provided by Smoke Stick a.k.a. Smoke Stik which has yet to even hit the market. This new electronic cigarette is almost exactly like the Hendu Elite but with a much higher battery life. Katherine Heigl has been trying to quit smoking for many years using every form of nicotine replacement she could find and had been extremely unsuccessful. However, when she came across the electronic cigarette her search had ended. She was no longer concerned with trying to quit smoking but had now found a way to safely smoke without the worries of cancer or other issues that arise when smoking tobacco cigarettes.

In other recent news our very own President Obama is known to be a heavy tobacco user. His 49th birthday occurred recently and Wendy Williams decided to put together a gift basket for his birthday. In this gift basket was a numerous amount of different items but she saved the very best for last. The very last item that Wendy Willams gave to President Obama for his 49th birthday was a Hendu Elite electronic cigarette provided by Smoke Stik (Smoke Stick). She demonstrated the electronic cigarette on air and explained why this single device could possibly save the world from the tobacco industry.