Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Artificial Flavor

If you are a label reader than you already know that artificial flavor is added to many of the foods and drinks that we purchase. The process of using artificial flavor can save manufacturers a great deal of money. That means they end up with more profits in their pockets. For example that strawberry candy you are sucking on may smell and taste like real strawberries but there aren’t any of them included in the recipe for it.

Our brain already is programmed to accept certain types of smells and associate them with that flavor. A great deal of time and effort goes into the research and development process for most artificial flavors. This way they will be extremely similar to the real thing. In fact, most of them do such a good job that unless you have read the label you won’t even be thinking about that flavor you are enjoying being artificial.

There are literally thousands of different versions of artificial flavors out there on the market today. For example think about those Jelly Belly jelly beans. There are hundreds of flavors you can choose from. Each one tastes like a different flavor. In order to help the candy look the way it is going to taste artificial colors are often a part of the mix as well.

You can find bottles of artificial flavors available at many different retailers. If you want to add cinnamon or vanilla to something you are baking you can get artificial flavor in a liquid that you simply add to the mix. You will also find that the amount you add or even the heating temperature can alter the overall taste of such artificial flavors. Therefore you may need to experiment with them before you find the right combination for you.

Artificial flavor is very safe for people to consume and very common place in our society. If you are against it you will have a very hard time to eat and drink items that don’t contain it. A small number of people have a allergic reaction to certain types of artificial flavor so you need to be aware of that as well. This can be an issue with small children so pay attention to what they eat or drink when it occurs. They may not be allergic to that item but to the artificial flavor contained in it.

Christmas Gag Gifts

Christmas Gag Gifts

Christmas is a time to be lighthearted and to have fun. It often brings out the child in all of us from time to time. There are plenty of wonderful Christmas gag gifts you can choose from too. This can really go over well for certain types of gatherings. It is really fun when then recipient has no idea what you will be giving them. They may think it is going to be a nice sweater or tie so the look on their face when they see the Christmas gag gift is going to be priceless.

We have all heard that bad individuals get a lump of coal for Christmas instead of presents. There is the laughing lump of coal too that you can turn on and off. He has plenty of remarks to say. Giving this to someone in their stocking or wrapped up is a very fun gift that will have everyone laughing. There are also reindeer droppings that are really chocolate covered raisins. They will definitely catch someone off guard this holiday season.

Santa Claus is a very common element of Christmas time. There are plenty of singing and dancing ones to choose from. People are used to hearing him say ho, ho, ho. Others sing and dance for the holidays. So imagine their surprise when their Santa Claus you give them is going to say snide remarks and even fart! One has Santa Claus bending over and showing his butt to everyone. Definitely a great Christmas gag gift that people will never forget.

Don’t forget to look for some fun Christmas wrap for your gag gifts too. My favorite is the one of Santa Claus sitting on the chimney with his pants down. The wrap says a crappy holiday gift just for you! Should you be in the spirit of giving Christmas gag gifts, remember that what comes around goes around.

Don’t be surprised if you get a few of them yourself. Of course you do have all year long to think about how you are going to retaliate against those individuals next year. This tradition certainly adds new meaning to the idea that it is better to give than receive for the holidays.

Birthday Gag Gifts

Birthday Gag Gifts

Birthday gag gifts can help to bring humor to the occasion. Many people get upset as they get older so if everyone can have some fun with it they will too. Birthday gag gifts make fun of the age and there are plenty of great gifts to buy. For example you can buy a magnifying glass to indicate they are too old to be able to read normal size print anymore. You can also give them black balloons or a cake with the grim reaper on it.

There are some candies that come in a bottle for a birthday gag gift. They have titles such as Over the Hill Pills and Over 50 Pills. These are great to giver to someone who is feeling a bit too old this coming birthday. There is an entire Over the Hill collection of birthday gag gifts to choose from. You can find them at novelty stores, party stores, and online.

If you are hosting a surprise party for someone you can easily add to the invitation information about bringing gag gifts. This way many people will get into the spirit of it. You will be surprised at all of the great things that people are able to come up with too. Of course those that want to can bring regular gifts as well for the person whose birthday is being celebrated.

Some birthday gag gifts are also sexual in nature. It is important to make sure the birthday person as well as the guest of honor won’t be embarrassed or upset by them. If you aren’t certain that they will be approving of the gag gift then you should look for something else. You don’t want to create uneasy feelings while you are enjoying someone’s birthday.

No matter how old you are, birthday gag gifts can make you feel young at heart. Most of them are very inexpensive so find out what is out there the next time you don’t know what to get for a friend. They will enjoy getting a good laugh out of it with you as well. Since only you will know certain things about your friend you can really personalize these birthday gag gifts as well.