Thursday, May 14, 2009

Buy Exotic Eye Contacts

I came across some of the most wonderful exotic eye contacts that were dual colored. These dual colored exotic eye contacts come in shades of blue and green. They have two color layers of the color pigment in the lens which makes the eyes look bigger and more attractive. As compare to freaky eye contacts, exotic eye contacts are meant to be worn as casual wear as well as formal wear. You can obtain different shades of colors of exotic contact lenses and wear them on alternate days. One unique shade of such lenses is purple which is not so common in the public and on the optician stores. The price of purple exotic contacts is higher as compare to other lenses because they are rare in market. The prices of these non prescription contact lenses start from $100 approximately and can range up to some $500 dollars depending upon the type of material used to manufacture these contacts. Remember to purchase contact lenses for dry eyes if you have dry eyes problem. Keep your lenses in contact lens carrying case all the time, dipped in contact lens solution.