Sunday, July 19, 2009

Article About Community Health and IV Therapy

Nurses and doctors are always aware of the traditional methods of treating the patients with injections and basic IV therapy devices. Many of the health articles suggest that the use of infusion equipment should also be learnt. There are sterile containers like glass bottle, plastic bottle or plastic bags. There is a clamp attached to the drip chamber that allows drop by drop flow of the liquid. A rapid infuser can be used if the patient requires quick flow of the liquid to be transmitted to the body.

Community health and IV therapy together can make a difference in the society. It is the responsibility of the medical agencies and organizations to take care of the health of a targeted population. The doctors and health representatives are supposed to know the goods and bad about the IV therapy so that they do not give IV to such a patient who might get disturbed by it. There are some skin reactions or swellings that can happen due to IV therapy which are supposed to be cured quickly. If there is overload of any liquid in the human body then it will cause chemical imbalance in the body.