Friday, October 20, 2006

AOL Broadband Internet

In my household, using the Internet has always been viewed as a luxury rather than a necessity. I have a hard enough time making ends meet every month without having to pay an outrageous amount of money just so my kids can surf the web. We've always had to make do with a dial-up connection, because those plans are obviously the cheapest. It never affected us much before because we were just surfing for fun anyway. But now that my oldest son is starting high school, having access to the net at home is required for many of his homework assignments. Dial-up isn't sufficient anymore, so I've been checking out AOL broadband Internet.
I first heard about AOL broadband Internet from a friend of mine. She has been a loyal America Online customer for nearly a decade, and constantly raves about how fast and reliable her AOL broadband Internet connection is. I know that it's not always a good idea to base purchasing decisions just on what your friends say, but I was willing to make an exception in this case. You see, this friend runs online businesses from her home, so she's connected practically all day long. So when she said that AOL broadband Internet was the best, I figured I could take her word for it.
Even so, that didn't stop me from shopping around and comparing AOL broadband Internet with other ISPs. I researched the leading companies and found that America Online was very competitive in terms of price and features offered. In fact, the more I looked into high-speed ISPs, the more I liked what I saw from AOL broadband Internet. The only thing left for me to do was find a great introductory package so that I could save money when signing up for AOL broadband Internet.
I called up a customer service phone number that I found for America Online and asked about the best deal they could offer me as a new AOL broadband Internet service customer. I was actually given a couple of different deals to choose from. One involved a certain number of months of free service without a long-term commitment, and the other involved getting a very attractive monthly rate if I did go ahead with a long-term contract. I opted for the former just in case there turned out to be a problem with my AOL broadband Internet. Plus, I could always switch later if I wanted to.
My family has been using AOL broadband Internet for a couple of weeks now and we couldn't be happier! I never realized how much of a valuable tool the web could be until my son started using it to help get his homework assignments done. I'm really glad I decided to get AOL broadband Internet for my family.