Thursday, October 19, 2006

Building Muscle

Our bodies are like works of art. Hey, who said that anyway? Apparently they didn't catch an eye-full of some folks out there. No offense, but that whole "the body is a temple" spiel has definitely slipped the minds of many. Just take a gander at our American public. Okay, this is the point where oodles of overweight and/or out-of-shape people become furious and outraged. Well, too bad! If you're ticked off, then it probably applies to you. Don't get me wrong, because I'm not here to poke fun at your physique or body weight. I simply want you to stop and think about your current condition. Are you healthy? Are you looking the way you want to look? If your answer is a resounding NO, then I suggest you make some changes. No has to answer for your body, but yourself. You're in charge of what goes in it if you're an adult. I say it's time to exercise and start building muscle. Drop that fat like it's yesterday's stale doughnut. You don't need it, nor do I think you want it. It's time to get serious about your health. Your life literally depends on it.
We always try and eat healthy in my house. My wife and I encourage one another to eat mostly good foods and low fat meals. We also push each other to exercise five days a week. Our children get in on it naturally because it's what they see. This is great. There's nothing more depressing for me than seeing an overweight 7 year old getting picked up at school by his two overweight parents. I see this on a regular basis and wonder why in the heck the parents are doing that to their child. It's utterly sad. They pass on their nasty eating habits and have the kid overweight before he/she even hits middle school. That is not good parenting. If you love your child and life in general, you will not do this. Work with your family and drive them to get in great shape. Ditch the body fat and start building muscle. This is the difference between folks who are really in shape and those who are not. Sure I see folks all the time that simply look 20 pounds overweight. However, the truth lies in their body fat. How high is it? Are you in the danger zone? Adopt a wonderful cardio workout so you too can shed fat and begin building muscle. If your weight is muscle, then you have no worries about what weight you're at. It's healthy.
You want to know more about building muscle and getting trim in order to live long and be healthy? That's easy! Get on your personal computer and take advantage of cyberspace. The Internet is the key to free workout regimes and routes to building muscle.