Thursday, November 16, 2006

Relationship With Men

I think it's safe to say that I've learned quite a bit about relationships in my 30 years. Granted, this is not exactly considered old and wise, but I have some data to offer. In fact, I think I can offer advice to either gender. What do you want to know about; relationships with men, or relationships with women? Although I've only been in relationships with women, I can offer some valuable advice to all the women out there regarding my testosterone-driven species. So, are you listening ladies? I am about to drop some serious relationship bombs on you. Afterwards you'll know men a tad better.

Okay, when it comes to relationships with men, all you ladies should know a few things about our belching and gas-passing gender. It's actually crucial to know these things if you truly expect your relationship to last the tests of time. First of all, we like to say what's real. This mean that we hate to beat around the bush. Translated, if you have something to say or ask, just do it. Get right to the point or we may just avoid you out of spite. So, for example, if you want your man to get you a glass of wine, then don't say something like "Wow, a glass of merlot sure would be nice right now." Your boyfriend or husband is probably just going to nod with a "That's great" look on his face and then go back to whatever it was he is doing. This is an imperative factor when it comes to relationships with men. If you need something from us, just spit it out. Then there is the whole communication issue. Now, no offense to all the females out there, but girls are notorious for keeping quiet and holding a grudge. If something is ticking you off, just say it. If you don't, your guy will never know. He's not a medium or mind reader. Communication is imperative!

So, there may be a few ladies out there who insist on more data concerning relationships with men. This is not a problem to say the least. There are oodles of articles online that address relationships with men. Find out what your man like and dislikes. Discover whether or not he is truly satisfied in the relationship. Hey, all of us men have to do this kind of stuff. It goes both ways.