Thursday, August 20, 2009

Foreign Online Pharmacies That Deliver Without Prescription

Why do we need prescription anyway?
Prescription medicines have often stronger impacts on boy function and the effects may last longer even if you have stopped taking the medication. Also, prescription medicines impact negatively on human body and brain if overdose is taken. It is thus very important that the drug user is aware of the essential information regarding the medication and its usage. If you think that you don’t have the required information then you must consult a medical advisor to prescribe you medication with just the right dosage. Due to possible health hazards of abuse of some medications the FDA of U.S. has categorized them as Prescription Drugs. These drugs cannot be availed from pharmacy stores without a prescription. However, certain drug stores and online pharmacies sell prescription drugs without asking for a doctor’s prescription. Although it has faced a lot of criticism and these pharmacies have been even accused of allowing drug abuse, there is not nay harm in getting a medicine without a prescription if you have used that particular drug or similar medication before. Also, if you are medically aware of your ailment and know the essential information regarding the medicine there is no harm in buying a medication without prescription.