Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wide Varieties On Artificial Turf Grass

These turfs hardly look any different than real grass and now they possess nearly the same structure like natural grass. What makes them such a popular choice is that they do not require gallons of water to nurture them, they do not require mowing, no fear of being messed up during a rainy season and no need for pesticides. Children and pets can easily play on them without any problem of dirtying themselves. For a rainy season, these turfs are installed with drainage that would automatically draw out the water, hence they seem to be in every way more manageable and preferred over natural grass.

These artificial turfs are not only now restricted to household backyards, but have also become an integral part of the sports world, where stadiums are installed with these turfs instead of keeping natural grass. Due to this, players are now given more time to practice, sport events are being held throughout the year without any restrictions. There is no more closure of sports field for renovation or maintenance as was the case when natural grass was used on fields.