Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Body and Brain Connection Kinect Game Review

Body and Brain Connection was released last February 8, 2011, Developed under the supervision of renowned Japanese neuroscientist Dr. Ryuta Kawashima, Body and Brain Connection revolutionizes the mega-popular Brain Training genre he helped originate with an all-new, unique blend of physical and cerebral challenges. From $19.99 you can get it now for only $16.48 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25.

Body and Brain Connection has something for everyone and those math junkies will really enjoy this game. The variety of puzzles. Some require to do things like pop a series of balloons that have numbers on them from lowest to highest while others will have keeping Pac-Man and the Pooka from “Dig-Dug” away from a pack of ghost monsters which is a lot more difficult than you would think.

Players can track their daily brain age progress and complete a specialized set of single player exercises determined by the player’s previous results. Body and Brain Connection Kinect Game also supports up to four players in a fun and energetic multiplayer mode. Compete against friends and family to determine who has the youngest brain age, or who has the best score across any of the game’s 20 exercises.