Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Wipeout In the Zone Kinect Game Review

Wipeout: In the Zone is a Party game exclusive for Xbox 360 that utilizes the full body tracking capabilities of the Kinect Sensor for Xbox 360 (required for play) to bring the over-the-top, physical obstacle course fun of the hit television show Wipeout to life on your game console like you never thought possible. This game was released June 14, 2011, and gain ★★★★☆ on customers review. Order Wipeout In the Zone  for only $24.99. Features include: local 4-person multiplayer support, unlockable characters and brand new episodes, replay functionality and the ability to use your Xbox LIVE avatars in-game.

Key Game Features
More than 50 obstacles, including your old friends from the TV show, the Sucker Punch, Big Balls and more
Local 4-person multiplayer support
Unlockable characters and brand new episodes that present unique, quality family time…the kind in which you can pelt each other with stuff
Play using your favorite Xbox LIVE avatar and let it do the dirty work
Watch your craziest course moments captured with replays   

Wipeout in the Zone is a fun game that stays very true to the original television show. The game delivers a great physical exercise and can be very rewarding when you get in the right flow and have that perfect run! The multiplayer of the game does add another dimension of fun, and if you have friends over to play with this title becomes a bit more interesting.